Before we know it, days will become shorter, hems will be longer, and clothes will be darker as we mourn the end of our beloved summer. Yes, Fall is approaching and Donna Degnan will guide us as we embrace the transition from bikinis, beach, and blistering heat, to crisp air and falling foliage. 

We sat down with Donna Degnan, the vision behind the brand, and asked her everything you need to know about the highly anticipated Fall Collection. 

Q: Hi Donna! How is preparation for Fall '17 going? Smoothly I hope. 

A: I am happy to say Fall '17 is complete and has already began shipping to stores at the end of June.  

Q: How would you describe the overall mood of the collection?

A: The mood is more casual, yet the silhouettes are featured in luxurious fabrics, creating a very polished and sophisticated feel.

Q: Which colors are the main focus of this collection?

A: Navy, berry, and as always, black.

Q: How would you encourage someone who plays it safe to go out of their comfort zone?

A: We tend to show the trends in a more wearable fashion so we are always encouraging our customer to explore the trends. 

Q: Pantsuits seem to be making a powerful statement this season, perhaps influenced by Hillary Clinton? Will you be incorporating suit elements this fall?

A: We offer feminine, on-trend, suiting separates.

Q: Who is wearing these pieces? How will she feel in it? 

A: Our suiting separates are worn by the working woman who needs a professional look with an edge.

Q: How do you think this collection incorporates with the times?

A: Comfort is a key element in the way a modern woman wants to dress. The use of stretch fabrications allows our customer to be both comfortable and on-trend. 

Q: What piece are you most proud of?

A: For Fall, I love our blue velvet distressed blazer.

Q: What celebrity, past or present, would you want to see wearing this collection? 

A: Audrey Hepburn.

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